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This Eco Friendly Toy - special ball or Star is part of TIMO-HANDMADE collection; a small design line, all hand-made.

Sewn with an eye for detail and a touch for fabric.
Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.

This modern Teething Star is a soft fabric spikes ball, made entirely by hand.

This eco friendly toy started out as a soft sculptor, and then discovered to stimulate motor skills development in children with special needs
Thanks to a friend's visit, it was later revealed to be an excellent product for teething stage in infants.

It's safe to chew, and acts as a sparkly new addition to the galaxy of chewy-yet-esthetically-pleasing baby toys. 

Each star-shaped toy has fourteen soft spikes, coming together in a harmony of colors and textures to stimulate the baby's eye.

The soft spikes also fit the hands of a baby when he or she is in the early stages of holding things. Earlier, it can also be used as a mobile above the crib.

Each ball is made individually, with love and special attention to detail. They are made from the finest materials, chosen with great care: a mix of new and vintage fabrics, with a preference to recycled materials.

They are suitable for all ages, for boys and girls alike – for the joy of playing, loving, learning or collecting. 

Each ball is made with love especially for babies, toddlers and children, and makes a great companion to children's play.

They can also be a colorful addition to a nursery or home décor, a great baby-shower gift, a stocking stuffer or an ornament.

Average size is 15 X 15 cm (6 X 6 inch)

Cleaning: if necessary, and for best results, hand wash in lukewarm water.

Each ball comes delightfully packaged and is carefully shipped.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any question or request.

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