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This list is for 5 paper angel with shiny golden crown, in any color you choose.   

The angel exists in 2 paper colors: 
natural brown or natural gray 

And they come in two dimensions of your choice
SMALL Paper Angel Tags ornaments sizes : 7cm X 6.5cm (2.5 inch X 3inch) 
BIG Paper Angel Tags ornaments sizes ‎: 15 X 12 cm ( 6 X 5 inch)

This tree decoration - unique royal dwarf angel in gold crown, dragonfly wings, is part of TIMO-HANDMADE small design line.

These angels are print on high-quality craft paper 400g, comes with a quality thick red embroidery thread for hanging.

The source of this figure Image is from an original design of a fabric angel produced in Timo’s studio, you can see & purchase from the selection in the shop.

The Dwarf, angels and fairies are minimalist, modern-looking art dolls & paper ornaments, children friendly & eco friendly items. 
Printed or embroidered in black & touches of gold.

The Decoration dwarf & angels series are flat and suitable for hanging on the wall or on a Christmas tree.
They will also be a great greeting card (you can write on the back surface) or gift tags.

The items in the Angels, Fairies & dwarfs series symbolize the image of a modern cupid, making them a great gift for Valentine's Day. They can also symbolize a Tooth Fairy, a "get well" gift, as "guardian angel", baby-shower card or a stocking stuffer.

They can also be a beautiful addition to a nursery or home décor, as well as a Christmas ornament.

Paper dwarf ornaments sizes : 15 X 12 cm ( 6 X 5 inch)

the angel exists in three paper colors: natural brown, natural gray or white.

Also available in the store is a small version of the angels in the dimensions of 7cm X 6.5cm (2.5 inch X 3inch) and a version of a angel garland

Do not hesitate to contact me with any question or request.

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