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This Family portrait doll is part of TIMO-HANDMADE a small design line.

Sewn with an eye for detail and a touch for fabric.

Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.                                                       

The Family Dolls series' members are different characters that can be put together as families.

They are soft sculptures, and can stand on any flat surface.

Average sizes:

Adult doll, 20 X 8 cm (8 X 3.5 inch)

Children doll, 8 X 5 cm (3.5 X 2 inch)

 The dolls come in various skin tones and ages. You can thus assemble any family you please – as people indeed do. So far I've been supplying families of two men and a baby; a single mother with twins; a grandmother, a brother and a sister; various interracial families; and other families, large and small. It’s a real delight to see the many faces love takes in the modern family.

 This item can be played with or be a beautiful addition to a room's décor.

 You are welcome to build your own family, be it real, ideal or imagined, just mix and match them as you wish….

 Each doll is made individually, with love and special attention to detail. They are made from the finest materials, chosen with great care: a mix of new and ‎vintage fabrics, with a preference to recycled materials.‎

 There is also a new series of miniature Family Dolls, down-sized especially for dollhouse & a version of pets dolls and farm animals that can be added to the family characters

 These dolls are also excellent for use in child play-therapy for counselors and child therapists

custom & personalized dolls are welcome Please contact me to get more details.

 Each doll comes delightfully packaged and is carefully shipped.

You will find more information about shipping and payment in my shop`s policies.

 Do not hesitate to contact me with any question or request

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