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This list is for limited-edition - tree decoration - unique dwarf or  clown with a pointed hat, which is part of TIMO-HANDMADE a small design line, all hand-made.
Sewn with an eye for detail and a touch for fabric.
Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.

The Dwarf are minimalist, modern-looking art dolls, children friendly & eco friendly items. Printed and embroidered in black and white with touches of color.

The Decoration dwarf & angels series are soft dolls whose bodies are flat and suitable for hanging on a wall or a Christmas tree.

Each doll is made individually, with love and special attention to detail. They are made from the finest materials, chosen with great care: a mix of new and vintage fabrics, with a preference to recycled materials.

They can be a beautiful addition to a nursery or home décor, as well as a Christmas ornament.

Dwarf ornaments average sizes are 26 X 6 cm ( 10.5 X 2.5 inch)

Cleaning: if necessary, and for best results, hand wash in lukewarm water.

Each doll comes delightfully packaged and is carefully shipped.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any question or request.

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