Stuffed Bird Dolls Series

This doll series includes rare birds, chicks, ducks and penguins.

These are plush, minimalist, modern-looking, child- and eco-friendly ‎stuffed art dolls.

These dolls are made for play and are manufactured with love especially for babies, toddlers and children. They will make a great children's playtime companion, as well as a beautiful addition to a nursery or a home's décor, a great gift for a baby-shower or stocking stuffer or a magnificent addition to a doll collection.

Each doll is made individually with love and special attention to detail, using only the finest materials: a mix of new and ‎vintage fabrics, with a preference for recycled materials.‎ Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.‎

Each bird has a different outfit, which may include
a dress, pants, shirt, scarf, socks or hat. You can also remove the clothes; the dolls look just as great without them.

The birds come in two sizes: large and small (together they can represent a child and an adult). They come in various skin tones and in both genders.

These dolls are also excellent for use by counselors and child therapists in child play-therapy.