Fabric Book series

The Fabric Book is a handmade, colorful, original, illustrated soft cloth senses-book. This soft eco-friendly book is made solely of textiles and was inspired by a fabric book my grandmother made after immigrating from Germany. Having no books available for her children, she embroidered the Grimm Brothers' tales for ‎them on a length of sheet.

I hope to see my books pass from one generation to the next, just as my grandmother's book did. I create each of these books individually. They are made with much love and special attention to detail, using only the finest materials: a mix of new and ‎vintage fabrics, with a preference for recycled materials.‎ Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.‎

The cloth book is suitable for children and babies. It includes 14 pages designed to stimulate the senses and imagination, using printed and embroidered images in a wide variety of textures.

Each book is one of a kind, hand-sewn and designed to last.

The book is packaged in an embroidered net bag.

It is suitable for all ages, for boys and girls alike, for the joy of playing, loving and learning.