Crazy Patchworks series

The Upcycled Crazy Modern Patchwork line of products includes a tote shoulder bag, a zipper pouch and a pencil case.

TIMO-HANDMADE Studio is a green workshop, and all my manufacturing processes are aimed at not producing any waste whatsoever. The fact that I use only high quality fabrics ensures that even the leftovers are very attractive. Thus, from the desire to use every piece of cloth, I created the 100% Upcycled Crazy Modern ‎Patchwork product ‎series.

The bags and zipper pouches come in different sizes and are suitable for kindergarten children as well as for adults. These colorful and unique accessories cannot be ignored!

Each product is made individually with love and special attention to detail, using only the finest materials: a mix of new and ‎vintage fabrics, with a preference for recycled materials.

Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind